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Next School Choice

Get Next School Choice for your School, that helps you taking decisions, manage accounting, reduce noise between staff and parents, make students updated about school, and helps students in increasing potential.

Easy To Use

Smart School Choice ensures smooth functioning of the day-to-day school operations. All school operations like administrative, paperwork can be managed very easily.


School Management Software has many types of reports inbuilt that helps you in taking management level decisions. Panel also consists of student performance report, admission, syllabus, assignments, fees, library and many more related reports.

Real Time Zone

As it is a cloud based online ERP, it creates a Real Time Zone between all devices and users. It provides an instant reflection on panels, to reduce communication gaps.

Administrative Panel with Real Time Reports

Panel consist of all modules related to staff and administration. Reports for each module are also included.

  • Analytical Dashboard
  • Responsive Designed
  • Filter available with data list in each module
  • Bulk import & export
  • Graphical and tabular representation of reports
  • Multi-User Login with permissions assigned
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Student/Parent Panel with Real Time Updates

Panel consist of all modules related to specific candidate. Panel helps candidate/parents updated about performance, attendance, school and much more.

  • Summary Dashboard
  • Responsive Designed
  • Student Performance Report
  • Track on homework, projects, assignments, attendance
  • Online Fees Payment
  • Online Tests
  • Leaves Approval
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Whats Our Clients Said About Next School Choice Project

Have school management software Next School Choice that can provide everything you need to manage school and fill communication gaps between school and candidate/parents.

See everything about your school at one place.

Start working with Next School Choice that can provide everything you need.