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Recruit for Operations

What an Operation Staff do?

An Operations staff contributes to making an employer’s wheels run on less cost with fewer squeaks and bumps.

Responsibilities of an operations staff:

  • Reviewing how various departments within an employer interact, share information, deal with customers, and do things like make joint purchases of supplies or outside services.
  • Making recommendations on how to increase efficiencies, in order to save money, reduce cycle times, and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Working with people at various levels in each department to gather information and see how they do their jobs.
  • Developing training procedures and guidelines on how to perform duties better.
  • Keeping management informed of trouble spots in advance before major problems occur, and proposing cost-effective solutions.

Main areas where operation staff is needed are Purchasing, Payments and Collections, Human Resources, IT, Scheduling and in companies that are related goods and supply.